15 Ingenious Parenting Hacks That Every Parent Should Know

Being parents is easy but being a responsible parent is even harder than it. Handling kids is not an easy task until you know some parenting hacks. These hacks can help you avoid any mess moment with your kids. More the kids you have more the problems you have to face. But, there is a solution as well.

Here are some parenting hacks that every parent should know.

1. Safety bracelet. If you are about to go outside with your kid, don’t forget to make a bracelet with seeds embedded your phone number. We all know kids take no time to wander off. It will help you to get back your kid in case it’s lost somewhere.

2. Pool noodles for bedtime security. Kids can’t sleep quietly. They tend to shift their places while sleeping and it leads them to fall from bed. Fitting pool noodles beneath the fitted sheet will prevent them from falling.

3. DIY slipper grips. The fabric beneath the slippers of kids tend to slip on plane surfaces. To avoid your kid getting slip, you can apply hot glue dots beneath the slippers to avoid the slip.

4. Toilet paper guide. Kids don’t have a good idea of using toilet paper. You can put a mark on the wall under the paper roll to make them sure how much toilet paper they should use.

5. Shoe stickers To make your kid distinguish between left and right you can place shoe stickers to help them out.

6. Lint roller for glitter Kids make the floor no less than a mess whenever they play. To clean the scattered glitter on the ground you can use this lint roller.

7. Lock-safe rubber band Kids are totally innocent and sometimes they lock themselves accidentaly. You can avoid such loss using a simple piece of rubber band.

8. A fitted sheet as a protection This simple hack is very useful to moms. All you need to do is place a fitted sheet over the cot. It would keep the sunlight and insects away from your kid.

9. Just enough lotion To prevent your kids from using excessive lotion, you can wrap a rubber band around the pump.

10. Clean pacifier You can use portion caps to store your child’s pacifiers. It would keep your child’s pacifier neat and clean.

11. Skin helper You can make your little ones reach to the sink easily by creating an easy-to-reach tap as shown in photo.

12. Monster spray This trick would help your kids go to sleep. They would never know its just water

13. No mess straw If your kid always pull the straw out of their lidded cup, you can turn the straw upside down.

14. Pool noodles awesome Kids often end up slamming their fingers between the door? Count on a pool noodle and you have nothing to worry

15. Tooth fairy fun A little fairy dust under the pillow of your kid can make him slash his belief in tooth fairy.

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