How healthy relationships depend on healthy sleep regime

Having good sleep is as important as having food and water. A bad sleep leads to irritation, laziness and other annoying things. An irritating and annoying personality is definitely not good for social and personal relationships. Sound sleep is also important for our health and improves our work efficiency and productivity. Is it true that having a good night sleep can affect our relationships as well ? Let’s find out.

Sleep helps us avoid loneliness

Loneliness and sleep seems like not so related. However, studies points towards something else. Researchers compared people having good sleep and those who were sleep deprived. It was found that the latter was highly socially repulsive than the first one.

This shows that lack of sleep leads to irritation and socially repulsive behavior. People feel lonelier inside that also  results in less social interaction.

Sleep helps us to resonate with others feeling

A good sleep helps to stabilize your mind gives you the sensibility to connect or resonate with the feeling of others but lack of sleep make our brain incapable to react to emotional sentiments.

Study found that people having less sleep are less involved in figuring out the different feeling of emotions shown to them. By recording the brain activity they found that person having good sleep are more empathetic towards people’s emotion.

Sleep helps us to have better self control

It is found that lack of sleep makes you feel very aggressive and angry on little things and you get annoyed easily whereas if you had a good sleep you will notice a great change in your behavior in terms of anger and aggressiveness.

Researches show that person having poor sleep are more violent and aggressive and that means your anger is out of control and that may ruin your relationship. Having good sleep allows you to have better self control on your feelings.

Sleep and social relationships

Sleep and social activity are inter-related; it means it’s not always necessary that poor sleep leads to a good social interaction but sometimes bad social relationship leads to stress which results in poor sleep. Our sleep is likely to be disturbed if certain things with social structure are not going well according to us and that means it’s a cyclic process which need to be balanced. So it is great compulsion to have regular sleep for some good amount of time in order to remain active.

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