About Us

Beauty and health are two precious gifts from nature. And in fact, Nature knows it pretty well how to protect her own gift.

There are plenty of natural ways and remedies to preserve health and beauty. Man has been close to nature since origin. However, the era from Industrial Revolution onward has changed the world order. The advancements in science and technology and mankind’s dependence gave rise to many lifestyle related diseases. The modern lifestyle changes are just a few decades old whereas human beings’ nature association is even older than civilisation itself. Just a few decades of changes in lifestyle pattern are not significant enough for genetic evolution. In short, we are not yet enough ‘evolved’ for current lifestyle pattern. We are still ‘genetically’ attached with mother nature.

Sparrow symbolises nature, and talk to us, reminding our association with nature. Our blog is an attempt to convey this message digitally. Listen to the “talkingsparrow” for latest updates on health, beauty and makeup tips. Our focus would be to provide beauty and fitness related content based on natural remedies. We make sure our all remedies could be made easily at home using natural home based ingredients.


We hope our readers are benefited by our efforts.