Baldness cure may be possible : Latest Study

Scientists ignite a new hope in their study as it shows that reversing hair loss may be possible. Approximately about 88 million people in this world are facing hair loss problems. Hair fall is a sign of premature hair loss which results in thinning of hair and dryness in the hair. There are various reasons for hair loss like malnutrition, medication used for treating cancer and HIV patients, deficiency of iron etc. It can be also due to genetics and hormonal problems.

There are some permanent solutions that already exist like hair transplant but it is very costly solution. The results from topical solution are not satisfactory as well. Till date, there is no such scientifically proven solution to hair loss and that’s the reason why treating hair loss is very complex and challenging.

Study shows new possible treatment for hair loss

New study shows hair loss treatment can be possible using a single drug which is currently used to treat osteoporosis. This drug also has an effect that reduces the activity of protein SFRP1 which is one of the main factors that stops hair from growing at follicles.

Researchers from University of Manchester’s took hair samples from more than 40 male hair transplant patient and treated the sample with drug. They found that those hair follicles were able to grow again because of the drug as it reduces the action of the protein SFRP1. Isn’t this amazing as they were able to find that particular protein. We can’t say it’s magical but it is definitely very exciting to know.

Osteoporosis drug has very few side effects as well. Some scientists claim that it could make a big difference to those who are suffering from hair fall problem.

Currently the drug is in the trail phase. It is soon expected to be in the markets once all clinical trials are completed. Hope this appears to be a boon which people are waiting for many years.

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