Bullet Bras Were All The Rage In The 1940s And 1950s, And These 10+ Pics Will Poke Your Eyes

This is the era of fashion. Fashion is something like history that repeats itself after time to time. In 1950, wearing bullet bra was a weird but popular fashion among developed countries.

If you don’t know what is bullet bra, you might end up thinking it as a dangerous weapon that was used to wear by women in 1950. Well, it’s not dangerous in any sense. It’s just a bra with different shape of pads.

In 1960 this fashion was adopted by several girls in Hollywood and it becomes more popular.

Time to take a look at these vintage bullet bras.

9. Hollywood actresses came together and started wearing bullet bras to get a different look and even they succeeded.

8. Bullet bra looked like a perfect bra that could be fitted for any occasion.

7. Bullet bra took no time to become a synonym to the gorgeous women. Every woman started wearing these dangerous weapons.

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