Some easy tips to tame your anger

Anger is an emotion that is expressed when things are not going in your way. Anger results in increased level of heart rates and blood pressure. It can have mental as well as physical consequences. The actions taken in heat of the moment always results in regret. It is very important for a person to control his anger and put it in a positive way as it can have bad effect on your health and relationships.

These anger management tips will be helpful in controlling your anger:

Avoid spontaneous reaction:

When you feel angry either avoid saying something or think and collect your thoughts before you say something. This way your words will not hurt others and you will not regret it later. You can also involve others to calm down the situation.

Express your anger once you feel calm and composed

Once you feel calm and composed express your feelings and thoughts clearly and directly without hurting the person.

Physical exercise

Involving in physical activity can help you overcome your stress and anger. If you feel you are getting angry over something all you need is to just go for a walk and take deep breaths. You can also involve yourself in some enjoyable physical exercises.

Taking timeout

You can handle your stress and anger by simply taking a timeout. Sit quiet and alone for few minutes and think about the possible solutions. It will help getting better prepared for the situation. Anger does not get things done right but it will make it worse.

Use ‘I’ statement

When we are angry we try to criticize and blame others that might result in an argument. You can avoid an argument by figuring it out in a respectful way. For instance, You can say I am upset that you left the plates after having dinner without putting them in dishwasher.

Learn to forgive

Do not allow negative thoughts overcome you. Always remember that forgiveness is the biggest tool one can have. It’s very easy to express your anger but forgiving someone for what they did will make you strong from inside.

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