8 Hilarious Breakups That All Happened On Facebook

Every person who has been in a relationship with anyone has experienced getting dumped. It’s something different whether for once or much more. Social media platform like Facebook is overflowing with the posts of love relationships. Someone has rightly said nothing can save you when it’s not your time. Something similar happened with these 8 people who met a breakup because of Facebook. Moreover,when these breakups become public, they become horrible.

1. This guy would surely have regretted his decision. He left her girlfriend only because he was in love with KFC. He couldn’t keep KFC away from his mind even if it’s day or night. Unfortunately, KFC denied being in a relationship with the guy.

2. This is what happens when you commit a mistake and still try to look superior. This guy also did the same by changing the relationship status from engaged to it’s What came from his wife as a result was something more serious.

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