Proven tips for a clear and glowing skin

Everybody wants to have a clear and glowing skin. There are various skin care regimes available. But the difficult part is to figure out the suitable one for your skin type. So keeping that in mind we here bring some tips for you for a clear and glowing skin:

Washing face twice a day

Washing face with water at least twice a day should be part of your daily routine care. This helps to keep your face clean and pimple free especially if you oily skin.

Study shows those people who wash their face twice are less likely to have pimple as compared to those who wash their face once in a day.

Acne fighting product

There are number of products available in the market for acne treatment. But before trying a particular acne treatment product you need to know the kind of acne you have for an effective result.

AAD (American Academy Of Dermatology) suggests following products depending on your acne type:

* For Comedonal acne (bleackheads and similar bumps) you need to look for a product which has retinoids as an essential ingredient such as adapalene gel (Differin).

* Benzoyl peroxide has proven its  effectiveness for mild acne.

* Inflammatory acne commonly found in women can be treated effectively by using product that contains dapsone gel (5%).

* The acne that leaves scars can be treated well by using product that contains azelaic acid.

However these treatments can leave your skin dry. So it is important to use a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.


Moisturizer not only helps in healing dry skins but also gives your skin a clear and glowing look. Choose moisturizers which are less expensive and non comedogenic as it won’t allow clogging of pores.

Person having oily skin should prefer moisturizers which have “lightweight” labeled on it. However some people might like to shift to a thick moisturizers during winter season.


Regular exfoliation is necessary to remove the dead skin cells from your skin in order to prevent clogging of pores that leads to breakouts. Dead skin cells make your skin look dull and old.

For exfoliation you need:

  •  2% salicylic acid mask
  • 10% glycolic acid mask or lotion
  • Motorized facial brush

Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week depending on your skin. In case you have inflammatory acne you need to visit a dermatologist first before doing exfoliation as it can worsen your case.

Sufficient amount of sleep

Lack of sleep opens the clog pores that lead to breakout so having good sleep is necessary for a clear pimple free skin. Studies have found that people who are devoid of sleep have 65% more chances of having an acne than those who take proper sleep.

Lack of sleep increases the inflammatory compounds in our body that leads to skin breakout. So having a good 7-9 hour sleep is necessary for a healthy and clear skin.

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